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Silicon Gear Wrap, Gear Tie, Rod Wrap

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Silicon Gear Wraps have a multitude of uses. Not only can the short ones be used instead of Easy Keepers on your Tenkara rod but they can also be used as an extra retaining band if, like me, you put your rod away with the line still round the keepers. In this way it stops the line jumping off if a clip accidentally opens.

Longer gear wraps can hold together western, multi piece rods as you walk back from the river or reservoir. A perfect rod wrap and easy to slip in a pocket without bulk. You can use them to hold together tippet spools or as a gear tie for anything else. You can bend them any way you like even to act as phone stand!

These are so versatile it's amazing what uses you'll find for them.

Made with food grade silicon the ridges help grip on smooth surfaces.

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