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Sunline BMS Azayaka - Tenkara Level Line

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Sunline Sniper BMS Azayaka is the replacement for the Sunline Sniper BMS. The concept is that the line is that it is easy to see with the human eye but non-spooking to fish in the water.

Instead of the alternating pink and orange sections the new line has added yellow/green and grey (which looks pretty black) in a solid block before a clear section of line. The high contrast of the grey block gives superb bite detection when watching the line.

This is not only good for Tenkara but it sure to be a hit with the Czech nymph and French nymph fishers.

Not specifically a Tenkara Level Line, but instead a bass fishers line it still casts beautifully on a Tenkara rod with just enough stiffness for a perfect turnover.

On a 75m spool this is twice the length of some specific Tenkara Level lines but is very similar in price. We can see this becoming a standard for a lot of cost concious fishers.

We stock:

8lb - #2.5 - 0.265mm
10lb - #3.0 - 0.290mm
12lb - #3.5 - 0.310mm
14lb - #4.0 - 0.330mm
16lb - #4.5 - 0.350mm

After a recent comparison of actual line diameters on specific Tenkara lines compared with BMS we have found that Tenkara lines are considerably thicker than stated. To that end we recommend you go up #0.5 on the size you would normally fish to be equivalent to other Tenkara specific lines.

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