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Sling pack for Tenkara fishing.

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This sling pack has been modified to allow the carrying of Tenkara rods in the slot that was previously used for a net. The three toggles at the bottom securely hold the rods and prevent them slipping all the way through.

The sling is designed with a retaining strap on the chest which can be widely adjusted and holds firmly. It will not slip about when you're wearing it. The padding on the back and in the strap are comfortable. With rods in the slot you will hardly notice they are there.

Undoing the clip of the chest strap allows the pack to be rotated around the body and allow easy access to the various compartments.

There is enough room in the main compartment for waterproofs and/or lunch. The front pocket folds down to a bench arrangement where a fly patch is held by hook and loop. A smaller front pocket is useful for tippet material.There are two additional pockets. One with an orange zip is large enough for a small fly box. The last pocket is full length behind the main compartment with an internal pocket.

There are plenty of D ring and attachment points to hang your various accessories. There is an extending coil on the strap, next to a loop patch and D ring. I have a small fly box with a lanyard I attach to the D ring and then with some hook dots I can stick it to the strap. This gives me a convenient way to safely carry my fly box where it is quickly to hand and not going to be washed away if I drop it.

On the bottom of the bag is a mesh bag with a retaining loop to allow you to carry a drink bottle. This is much easier than trying to place it in a bag somewhere.

We think the bag is just the right size for a days Tenkara fishing without being too big, or heavy. The strap means you can see your feet when wading. This is something that chest packs have been criticised for.

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