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Teardrop shaped folding net

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The first folding nets were round. This has a familiar teardrop shape which is much more familiar to us. In use the shape is much easier to use and much more stable in the water.

The net comes in in a pouch which you wear on your belt. Take the net out and give it a quick flick to open it.

Closing the net is a two handed job but much easier than the previous round nets. Hold the handle in one hand, the end of the net in the other. Press together firmly with a slight rotation of your hands in opposite directions. The net will start to twist up easily without too much force needed. Allow it to twist and fold up. Pop it into the velcro closing bag. Mesh in the bag allows the net to dry.

The mesh is 5mm in diameter and knotless.

The smaller size is perfect for most anglers handling 14" fish (35cm) with ease. The larger size should handle 20" (50cm) fish. That's a lot of netting for a folding net.

Available in two sizes:

39cm x 26cm with a net depth of 42cm. Weight: 150g
32cm x 23cm with a net depth of 23cm. Weight: 130g

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