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ESOTERIC 4 in 1 Nymph #2 - #3

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The longest nymph rod of it's type. Weighted #2 to #3 it is perfectly balanced to deal with all Euro Nymph ultra thin lines. It can even cast level fluorocarbon making it the ideal cross over rod between Western and Tenkara fishing.

If you are fishing nymphs, dry flies, French leader, or bugging this rod can handle it all.

Born from competition fishing on big rivers and longing for the delicacy of Tenkara with the security of being able to give line to 45cm+ fish if they run. Our Tenkara knowledge has been put into a Western rod.

The ESOTERIC 4 in 1 Nymph has the casting action of a Tenkara rod with the flexibility of a reel. To get the best out of the rod use a short casting stroke with more wrist. Keep your elbow tucked in and let the light weight rod do all the work.

You really can cast this rod all day with very little fatigue.

Fish at 10' 6", 11", 11" 6' or the maximum competition legal 12'.

Sometimes that extra reach makes all the difference. With a longer, sensitive rod you can fish finer tippets with confidence. The extra length gives better control over the fish to bring it swiftly to the net with the minimum stress on the fish.

Weight: 156g
all the counter weights (total 10g) to help you balance the rod to your reel.

We have seen nymph rods balanced by 200g+ reels. That to our mind is crazy! Why not have the rod balance with a much lighter reel. Our reel plus line and backing comes in at 159g. The rod might seem heavier on the scale but balanced with a lighter reel makes for an overall lighter set up That's a winning combination for long days fishing.

The prototype of this rod was used to win the 2017 Grayling Masters in Builth Wells.


All rods come with an unconditional guarantee against manufacture defect. If a rod proves to have a manufacturing fault we will replace it free of charge. All you need to do is return the damaged rod to us for inspection to confirm the warranty claim.

Should you damage your rod in any other way, then as the original owner, we will replace your rod for a 50% of the current full retail price of a new rod or equivalent.

It might be possible to replace a single section of your rod for a reduced cost which will include postage.

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