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Tenkara Titanium Line

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Tenkara Ttitanium Line - for those windy days

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Tenkara Ttitanium Level Line

There are days when the wind is just too much for a level line. These are the days that a titanium line could save you. These lines are very thin with a memory that wants to stay straight and resists kinking. They cut through the wind like butter.


Being so thin they are hard to see so we recommend the Tenkara Indicators that have been developed to work with these lines to provide visibility and transfer of the casting energy into the tippet. Sold separately you can choose the colour that suits you the best, or a range of colours.


The Titanium lines come in a range of lengths with pre-made, small, loops on both ends and a loop of braid so that they can by girth hitched (larch head) to the lillian of your Tenkara rod.


We've worked though many diameters of titanium line and this, we feel, is the best compromise between weight, power and kink resistance. 0.001mm makes all the difference when you are working with lines this thin and powerful.

Here is an in depth article on Titanium Lines... Link to Tenkara.im

Please note this product is made to order and may require an extra day before they are dispatched.

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