Braid and Bead Sight Indicator (Yellow)

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Never miss a take. The beads on this sight indicator help detect even the most subtle of movements.

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Braid and Bead Sight/Strike Indicator

Specially designed sight indicators for fishing to help you see takes and strike! Slightly larger than the "drops" indicators these indicators can be seen in the most challenging of light conditions.

Made from very fine flourescent braid. The loop at one end is spliced into place as is the smooth leader ring at the other. The ring is of the highest quality and will not cut leader.

Attach the loop to your fly line and tie the tippet to the ring.


If you have a spcial request, loops at both ends, rings at both ends, different bead combinations please let us know and we can make you up a special!

  • Length 20cm
  • Breaking Strain 20 lbs
  • Diameter 0.6mm

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