Yamatoyo Fluoro Harisu

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50m of 100% Fluorocarbon

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Superior 100% Japanese Fluorocarbon

The design of this fluorocarbon was on knot strength and abrasion resistance. With very little elongation the quality of this fluorocarbon is superb. I would not hesitate to trust it.

Latest stock has a change of packaging.

2.5 is on 45m spool
3.0 is on 40m spool
4.0 is on 30m spool

All others on 50m spools.

B/s JP Diameter
3lb 0.8 0.148mm
4lb 1 0.165mm
5lb 1.2 0.198mm
6lb 1.5 0.205mm
8lb 2.0 0.235mm
10lb 2.5 0.260mm
12lb 3.0 0.285mm
16lb 4.0 0.330mm

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