Esoteric Tackle

Esoteric Tackle

The first UK company to manufacture and sell Tenkara tackle in the UK offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over £100.

STOP PRESS: Esoteric Hooks are back in stock and all back orders have been dispatched!

ADVANCED WARNING: Prices are going to have to increase due to the buying power of GBP being slashed by Brexit. I've held them as long as I can but in the next month or so they will have to go up.

Esoteric Tackle was set up to provide the modern fisher with the tackle they need. Tenkara has been a dominant factor in our range but if you need something slightly out of the ordinary we'll locate it and stock it for you. Where there is nothing else for it we will try to manufacture innovative products to fit a requirement. If you are fishing in a slightly none mainstream way, get in touch and we will promote your technique and tackle.


Esoteric Tackle was the FIRST UK company to bring Tenkara tackle to the UK. We are manufacturing rods to the very highest standards and recieving praise for the accuracy of their casting and quality of finish.

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FREE SHIPPING on orders over £100