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Easy Keepers for keeping it all tidy.

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Easy keepers are similar to Fuji EZ hook keepers are the fastest easiest way to keep your Tenkara rod ready to fish. The rod will still fit in the tube with them up. The hook point is protected from catching on anything.


Quickly wrap your leader round a hook at either end of the first section when you've finished for the day or when you want to change place on the river and don't want to "thread the heedle" through the undergrowth. Not collapsing your rod as you move through trees is a sure way to snap a tip and invalidate the warranty.


  • Easy Keepers work great as a single on your rods that don't have a place to hook your fly.
  • Easy to put on your rod.
  • Folds out of the way when not in use.


Supplied with one  large and one small UV resistant o-ring per keeper.

Buy as a single or get a discount on a pair!

If you need help fitting them please email. Only too pleased to assist.

*NOTE* If you want to use on a Tenkara rod you need 2 keepers. Please select Pack Size 2 so you can wrap your line on the rod.

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