Ondori Futso Kebari Set


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Ondori Futso Kebari - Fly set (12 flies)

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These are traditional, barbless, Tenkara flies and so it's worth using the Japanese terns to describe them.

Ondori: Cock Hackle
Futso : Ordinary Hackle
Kebari: Fly

These are wet flies. Yes, you can add a floatant and they will float for a while but that's missing the point of these flies. The stiff hackles keep them high in the water. They have an ability to hold in pocket water against the current unlike any other tradition kebari. You can pulse them, drag them through the surface like a skated sedge pattern. These are seriously versatile in the way you can fish them.

2 X Futsū black size 12
2 X Futsū cream size 12
2 X Futsū peacock size 12
2 X Futsū black size 14
2 X Futsū cream size 14
2 X Futsū peacock size 14

1 X Shirt pocket fly box

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